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Penguin Finance

Beginning this Monday, July 19th, Penguins will be able to stake their xPEFI tokens to receive allocation points (AP) for the upcoming $SHERPA distribution. When staking your xPEFI in the Penguin Launchpad, your tokens will be locked for 10 days and you will continue to benefit from the growing value of xPEFI even when staked.

The staking period will end on July 27th 23:30 UTC and the distribution period will begin shortly after on July 29th, 19:00 UTC. You must have staked your xPEFI before the staking period ends to participate in the SHERPA distribution.

The distribution period will last…

How do normal Launchpads work?

A launchpad platform is a tool that allows projects to distribute their new tokens to as wide an audience as possible in a fair fashion. Projects benefit from the added exposure, easy token distribution and are able to focus on what matters most, how to build value through their token and products.

In theory, it sounds great. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most launchpad platforms that exist within the crypto sphere today. Many platforms have centralized their token for the benefit of the developer team and keep upwards of 30% of their launchpad token’s supply for developers, advisors…

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Penguin Finance is an exciting new Avalanche project working to bring yield farming, decentralized prediction markets and NFTs to the Avalanche Network. Many dApps are only accessible to those who are technologically savvy, which is why we’re building Penguin Finance with the common folk in mind; so that even your outdated uncle can follow our user-friendly documentation and intuitive design.

As a team of developers, designers and business-oriented people from all around the world, we understand the frustration of being excluded from traditional DeFi. …

We’re active, committed, and setting ambitious goals to improve the Avalanche and Penguin ecosystem.

What we’ve built so far (Q2-Q3)

To start things off, let’s go over notable achievements Penguin Finance has managed to accomplish since our inception four months ago:

  • Launched the PEFI and xPEFI tokens.
  • Staking & farming protocols for Penguins to earn awesome returns on their liquidity.
  • A sleek and intuitive UI design for all of our applications.
  • A first-of-its-kind, Penguin Emperor game with fully customizable characters and different game-modes.
  • Altruistic “Penguins without Borders” Emperor Penguin event to raise funds and awareness towards the India Crypto COVID Relief Fund.
  • The cheapest and highest-yielding auto-compounding protocol on the Avalanche network, with pools from Pangolin, Gondola, Lydia, and Penguin.

Fast-Paced King-of-the-Hill gaming on the Avalanche Network

What is the Emperor Blitz?

The Emperor Blitz is a fast-paced, personalized, king of the hill betting game-mode hosted inside of our Emperor Penguin dApp. To participate, you’ll need to acquire xPEFI for your bids and some AVAX for transaction fees. It will last 24 hours, have considerably lower max bids, and come with added features that make the game more entertaining.

The Emperor Blitz starts on July 6th at 7PM UTC and ends on July 7th at 7PM UTC. You’ll be able to play here once it starts.

For this round, we’re drastically reducing the max bid. It will be set to 0.15 xPEFI…

Today marks an important day in the history of PeFi. Following weeks of anticipation and campaigns to introduce the Nest to our penguins, we’ve airdropped 12.5% of the total airdrop allocation (656,250 PEFI) to our beloved stakers and long-term HODLers!

After announcing this event over 3 weeks ago, the amount of circulating PEFI has decreased by 40%+, as the supply of PEFI in the nests jumped from a mere 18% to over 62% in less than a month! At the time of writing, 6,988,974 PEFI is currently being staked, and we’ve experienced a huge decrease in sell pressure. Thanks to…

With less than a year since Mainnet launch, the Avalanche ecosystem has been growing by leaps and bounds and has already become one of the most popular layer-1 blockchains in the market. Despite its remarkable growth, the journey to dethrone Ethereum is still arduous. It becomes more and more evident that collaboration is crucial for Avalanche projects to transcend the ecosystem to another level.

Being two of the most popular farming/staking projects on the ecosystem, we are excited to announce an official partnership that will help grow the ecosystem and strengthen the bonds between projects and communities to improve the…

In order to reward our most long-term investors and attract new ones, we have made it our priority to dramatically increase the perks and utility that penguins in the Nest currently enjoy. Every day, we’re thinking and developing new and innovative applications to bring value to our penguins.

A fundamental step in the right direction is the introduction of our Club Penguin dApp, designed to give xPEFI utility beyond the lucrative APYs that it already offers. Now, you’ll be able to earn new tokens from popular Avalanche projects by simply staking your xPEFI in the Club. …

After months of working alongside each other to grow and improve the Avalanche ecosystem, Penguin and Lydia are officially partnering up to promote both communities and build a long-lasting relationship that will benefit users of the respective platforms.

As part of this partnership, Lydia and Penguin will support each other with marketing and development. Both projects recently got audited by CertiK, which highlights the mutual vision we both have to build greatness and put our users first.

Benefits for Penguins & Lydians

Many cross-token giveaways, farming opportunities, and staking protocols that reward both LYD and PEFI can be expected in the coming weeks, as the…

Our newest dApp is here, with innovative features that reduce sell pressure of our native token and add utility to the Penguin ecosystem.

How do we achieve the highest APY?

Our auto-compounding platform is designed to substantially increase the potential yield you receive from a farm on Avalanche through constant re-investing of your rewards. We reinvest 2–3 times a day, ensuring that all profits you receive are compounded optimally. Whether you are farming Pangolin, Gondola, or Lydia farms (more to come), the Penguin Compounder is your best bet.

Lowest Fees on Avalanche

Because this compounder has the lowest fees on the network (4.8%), a higher portion of rewards are re-invested into…

Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance (PeFi) is an exciting new yield farming project on $AVAX.

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