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Penguin Finance is an exciting new Avalanche project working to bring yield farming, decentralized prediction markets and NFTs to the Avalanche Network. Many dApps are only accessible to those who are technologically savvy, which is why we’re building Penguin Finance with the common folk in mind; so that even your outdated uncle can follow our user-friendly documentation and intuitive design.

As a team of developers, designers and business-oriented people from all around the world, we understand the frustration of being excluded from traditional DeFi. …

A letter to the Penguin Community from your penguin companions, Cody Maverick and BisBis.

Firstly, here it COMES! As per tradition, we will list some of our notable achievements and statistics, and as of right now it’s all looking bullish for penguins!

  • Counting the Nest, PeFi sits at $24 million TVL, and climbs to the 2nd spot on Avalanche, up two spots from our last digest!
  • WITH a Market Cap of $9.2 million+, we are cruising through the rankings. The $PEFI token is currently up 448% from ATLs we saw last week!
  • The Penguin Nest current holds 23% of the…

Penguin Finance brings you the best King of the Hill app for you to interact with! Because it’s built on the Avalanche Network, it’s extremely low-fee, scalable, and fast.

The Penguin Emperor 👑

The Penguin Emperor is the strongest Penguin of them all. His might and his wealth have no equal as he sits on his infamous throne. But how is the Penguin Emperor chosen? He who bids the most xPEFI can dethrone the previous Emperor and take the crown for themselves. Be careful as this Crown won’t sit above your head forever, there’s hundreds of Penguins looking to steal it for themselves.


A letter to the Penguin Community from your penguin companions, Cody Maverick and Bisbis

As is the norm with these weekly digests, we’ll start by listing some of our achievements and statistics within the Avalanche ecosystem

  • Counting the Nest, PeFi currently has $6.9 million TVL, comfortably sitting at the 4th spot on Avalanche
  • Nests currently hold 19% of all circulating PEFI! That means that 19% of PEFI is locked and HODLers trust that the token value will continue to appreciate, with sell pressure decreasing as a result.
  • 252,466 PEFI has been burnt to date! That is 1,23% of the max…

Una carta a la comunidad pingüino.

De su humilde servidor, FrostByte.

Esta semana ha demostrado ser un viaje muy intenso, francamente Penguin Finance ha superado por mucho las expectativas de todo mundo. ¡Es increíble pensar que el proyecto no tiene ni 6 días desde que salió a la luz! Al menos al momento en el que me encuentro escribiendo este articulo (07:24 UTC, 5 de abril). ¿Qué hemos logrado conseguir en tan poco tiempo?

  • Mas de $19,183,580 en TVL invertido en los Igloos de Pingüinos.
  • Capitalización de mercado de mas de $3,912,895 solamente en $PEFI.
  • El lanzamiento de nuestros primeros

Une lettre à l’encontre de la communauté des Pingouins.

De votre humble serviteur, FrostByte.

French Penguins to the Moon!

Cette semaine fut une aventure folle pleine de rebondissements, heuresement Penguin Finance à depassé les attentes de tous. Il est en effet incroyable d’imaginer que le projet soit sorti depuis seulement 6 jours! En tout cas à dater de la rédaction de cet article ( 22:32 UTC+2, 5 Avril). Qu’avons-nous réussi à accomplir en si peu de temps?

● Plus de $19,183,580 de TVL stake dans les Igloos

● Un market cap de plus de $3,912,895 uniquement pour le $PEFI

● La parution de nos 4…

A letter to the Penguin Community.

From your humble servant, FrostByte.

This week has proven to be quite the wild ride, thankfully Penguin Finance has blown past everybody’s expectations. It’s crazy to believe that the project hasn’t even been out for 6 days! At least by the time I’m writing this article (07:24 UTC, April 5th). What have we been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time?

  • Over $19,183,580 in TVL staked within the Penguin Igloos.
  • A market cap of over $3,912,895 for $PEFI alone.
  • The release of our first 4 Igloos.
  • First round of rewards for…

In this guide, we’ll explain how to provide liquidity to PEFI igloos (yield farming 🚜) in a comprehensible manner.

If you want a video tutorial, check out this youtube video.

Step 1: Acquire LP tokens from Pangolin for any one of the following pairs:

  • PEFI/AVAX (30.19% PEFI rewards allocation)
  • PEFI/PNG (24.53% PEFI rewards allocation)
  • PEFI/SNOB (24.53% PEFI rewards allocation)
  • AVAX/ETH (20.75% PEFI rewards allocation)
All igloos that are currently available.

Step 2: Go to the C-Chain Explorer for the respective LP token you’re trying to deposit.

The website for the explorer is: https://cchain.explorer.avax.network/

You can copy-paste the address on the C-Chain search bar depending on the pair you’re looking to deposit.

Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance (PeFi) is an exciting new yield farming project on $AVAX.

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