Penguin Finance

What we’ve built so far (Q2-Q3)

To start things off, let’s go over notable achievements Penguin Finance has managed to accomplish since our inception four months ago:

  • Launched the PEFI and iPEFI tokens.
  • Staking & farming protocols for Penguins to earn awesome returns on their liquidity.
  • A sleek and intuitive UI design for all of our…

We’re proud of what’s gone down in the past few weeks.

Avalanche is the future of blockchain technology. And the world is just starting to take notice. But you’re about to witness the unprecedented.

That’s why you’ve been buying the dip. Nesting your coins. Preparing for the show.

If you…

Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance (PeFi) is an exciting new yield farming project on $AVAX.

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