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5 min readApr 21, 2022


Whether this is your first time playing the Emperor or you’re a seasoned veteran, this guide provides insight on the necessary steps to start stealing the throne and kicking some Penguin ass. Let’s get to it!

What is the Emperor Royale? 👑

Emperor Royale is the first real-time PvP blockchain game on Avalanche. The goal of the game is to accumulate time on the throne by stealing the crown from other contestants. There’s a constant back-and-forth battle between who holds the crown, so being active will help you climb the rankings.

This round will last 36 hours, and once the game is over (Friday 22nd, 7 PM UTC), the top 5 Penguins with the most time on the throne will split a jackpot prize!

Step 1: Register your Warrior 🐧

Before you can begin fighting over the throne, you must choose your warrior. You can either select a Penguin skin (11 presets available), or you can import a CryptoPuffy from your collection and use it within the game!

Choose wisely, as for these initial rounds you can’t go back between Penguin and Puffy, you can only change your skin from that category (e.g if you chose a Penguin character, you can only change into another Penguin).

If you don’t have a CryptoPuffy, you can still mint some! These loyal companions will never leave your side.

Step 2: Acquire iPEFI to play 🐧

This dApp uses iPEFI as the betting mechanism and rewards the winners with iPEFI. In order to play, you must first get some PEFI from an Avalanche DEX and stake it to receive iPEFI (single-asset staking token).

Click here to learn how to stake your PEFI.

Step 3: Steal the Crown 🐧

Steal the crown = take another player’s place on the throne to start accumulating time on the leaderboard.

To steal the crown from another warrior, you must first approve the “steal the crown” function in the “Your Penguin” card. Afterward, you’re all set to start bidding.

For this round, the bid will be static at 100 iPEFI (~$25 at the time of writing).

When you bid, you transfer 100 iPEFI to steal the crown. When you lose your place on the throne, you receive 97% of your bid back or 97 iPEFI in this case. Since it is a fast-paced game mode, we expect constant crown swapping to occur throughout the entirety of the game.

Think about a game plan to build up as much time on the throne as possible by the end of the 36 hours! You can strategically use potions on your foes as the game progresses, more on that later.

Pengunomics 🐧

A static bid of 100 iPEFI to “steal the crown”.

When a Penguin loses their place on the throne by getting the crown stolen from them, 97% of their bid is returned to their wallets. So if you bid 100 iPEFI, you receive 97 iPEFI back.

The remaining 3% is divided as follows: 2.5% is added to the jackpot pool and 0.5% is distributed to the Nest (PEFI Staking rewards)! This creates a positive feedback loop for Nest users and rewards them with fees from an entertaining and exclusive dApp.

Potions (Hail Storm and Bane Toxin)

At launch, we’ll be introducing 2 potions: ‘Bane Toxin’ and ‘Hail Storm’. These potions can be used during an Emperor round to affect other players’ ability to bid. Timing their use strategically allows users to gain an edge over others, and could be the difference between a loss and a huge jackpot win!

Here are their respective effects and costs:

Bane Toxin (15 iPEFI): This potion gives off a strong smell of death. Upon use, the top player won’t be able to bid for 5 minutes. Max 10 uses per player.

Hail Storm (25 iPEFI): A frozen vial with magical powers. Use to freeze top 5 players for 2 minutes (cannot bid). Max 10 uses per player.

We’ll be closely monitoring the effects of every potion and listening to community feedback. Initially, there will be a constant buffing/nerfing process to ensure the game is balanced and abilities are viable. As the game grows in complexity, there will be multiple effective strategies to win, and this is where the mind games come into play!

Jackpot Distribution🏆

Once the 36 hours are over, the Penguin who held the throne for the longest time will be crowned as Emperor of all Penguins! This can be tracked on the leaderboard on the left-hand side of the UI.

The Top 5 penguins on the leaderboard will claim part of the jackpot with the following distribution:

🥇 1st Place (Penguin Emperor): 50% of the Jackpot

🥈 2nd Place (Penguin King): 25% of the Jackpot

🥉 3rd Place (Penguin Prince): 12.5% of the Jackpot

🏅 4th Place (Penguin Duke): 7.5% of the Jackpot

🏅 5th Place (Penguin Knight): 5.0% of the Jackpot

Time to Play!

Get out there and fight for the throne! Whether you’re playing to win or penging to earn, everyone benefits. Let’s Puffin Go, frens.

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