AMA with BinaryCat — Deep dive with the Founders

This is our 3rd project on the Launchpad, and we’re eager to hear what you have to say. Voice your questions about BinaryCat, an exciting new decentralized betting protocol, and have them answered by BinaryCat’s CEO Pedro Argento and COO Charles Grenier-Green.

We will select 10 questions before and during the AMA to be asked live on our Twitter Spaces this Monday. The 10 selected questions will be rewarded with $50 worth of PEFI each, for a total of $500 in prizes!

⏰ Date & Time

✅ Rules for the AMA

To have your questions selected, you must:

  1. Follow Penguin Finance & BinaryCat on Twitter
  2. Retweet & Tag 3 Friends
  3. Join Penguin Finance Telegram & BinaryCat Telegram

There are two ways to submit questions:

  1. Commenting on the AMA post
  2. Live during the AMA

We will select 5 questions from the Twitter thread and 5 questions during the AMA from the chat.

If your question was selected, you will be contacted to receive a $50 prize, paid in PEFI!

About Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance is a platform powered by Avalanche, building an innovative set of decentralized applications, financial products, and documentation for technologically savvy individuals and those with absolutely no knowledge of cryptocurrency.

We’re bridging the gap between DeFi and mass adoption by offering ultra-low fees, an intuitive UX design, and the best documentation/tutorials. PeFi is made for penguins by penguins.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Reddit | Docs | Github |




Penguin Finance (PeFi) is an exciting new yield farming project on $AVAX.

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Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance (PeFi) is an exciting new yield farming project on $AVAX.

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