CryptoPuffies: Golden Eggs, and much more!

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4 min readMar 16, 2022


The CryptoPuffies are amongst us! This is not only a cause for celebration but also an important moment for all of Avalanche. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what makes CryptoPuffies the most desirable Avalanche NFT, as well as some updates we’ve recently implemented.

As you may already know, each CryptoPuffy is completely unique and special. The CryptoPuffies’ collection distinguishes itself from the rest not only through world-class design but also math. The Puffies are generated through such a complex and diverse array of assets, that each one is truly a mathematical miracle. There are over 10 million combinations that could have existed, but only 8,888 will be minted.

In today’s NFTs market, this isn’t enough. That’s why the CryptoPuffies is packed with utility & multi-use cases; ranging from staking rewards paid in straight AVAX, as well as metaverse and gaming applications. On top of this, there are fun, innovative, and exciting plans for Puffies that extend far into the future.

Play to Earn

We’re developing a complex system that’ll allow Puffy holders to stake their cute friends in a variety of dApps to generate potions and other assets which can be used to gain an edge on the Emperor and the upcoming Penguin Arena.

An in-depth article will be published specifically detailing this new mechanism and P2E system.

Best Friends & Nemesis

Each CryptoPuffy has its own best friend, and this relationship is mutual. Their bond is unbreakable, so you must respect the Best Friend your Puffy has chosen. By themselves, Puffies are amazing; But, with their Best Friend? There’s no stopping them.

Puffies also come with an innate Nemesis (enemy). As with Best Friends, this sentiment is also mutual. The Nemesis feature will bring interesting dynamics to the CryptoPuffies in the future. As we’ve said before, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

Upgraded Igloo
We’d temporarily stopped the Puffies Igloo to drastically improve the new Igloo and equip it with much more AVAX incentives than in the previous iteration. This new and improved Igloo has future-proofed our contract, as well as it will allow for way more AVAX rewards than before! (Get ready for some insane APRs) On top of that, we’ve resolved some slight issues the prior contract had regarding the possibility of your Nemesis changing. Now we’ve got a perfectly solid foundation to continue building from. Additionally, as the CryptoPuffies’ utility continues to develop, you’ll also be able to earn new tokens, as well as game-shifting power-ups for the Emperor 2.0 and Penguin Arena.

Golden Eggs are Here

Golden eggs are rare Puffy eggs that appear at random as you’re minting.

In order to redeem this reward, you must contact the PeFi Team, and prove that you’ve minted the Golden Puffy. If you sell it or trade it, the reward will no longer be claimable and you will lose this opportunity. This promotion only applies to Puffies with a tokenID greater than 4444 (Golden Puffies with a Puffy # between 4444 and 8887.

Use this lucky AVAX treasure to mint more Puffies and trade for your family’s best friends! You will also be able to redeem it for an amount of AVAX: 3–100 AVAX per Golden Puffy.

Best Friend Multiplier
In the upgraded Igloo, your Puffies that have a Best Friend pair will automatically receive 3x the AVAX rewards. We strongly encourage you to try to secure your Puffies Best Friend, as it will continue to bring merit in future updates.

Lucky Puffy
What’s a Lucky Puffy you ask? Well, technically all Puffies are lucky, but the Lucky Puffy is a new feature that will reward the latest new Puffy to be deposited into the Igloo. (It must be a Puffy that’s never been staked before) Once a new Puffy has been staked, that Puffy will have a chance of receiving a random amount of AVAX while it remains as Lucky Puffy.

Please keep in mind that this mechanic will not start until the 1st week of April.

Top Puffy
The Top Puffy is another feature that’s been added to the upgraded Igloo. In order to become the Top Puffy, you must hold the largest share of the Igloo (Amount of Puffies staked + Best Friend bonuses) by the time the 8888 Puffies have been fully minted.

In order to achieve this, you must both: acquire the Best Friends of your Puffies, as well as new Puffies in order to stake them. Please note that only one address will win the Top Puffy Jackpot (the address that holds the Top Puffy rank when 8888/8888 Puffies are minted).

To summarize this article in a few words, Puffies are the best NFT. The new Igloo will be Puggling out way more AVAX than before and it’s been made tons more exciting. We’re eager to move forward and continue developing more features for the CryptoPuffy collection.

Picture a future where your Puffies can not only be used to generate yield, but also fight and participate in the Penguin Emperor and Arena.

Puggle Puggle, Puff Fam!



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