Introducing CryptoPuffies: Avalanche’s Cute Companions

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4 min readFeb 15, 2022


CryptoPuffies is finally live on Avalanche! This Medium article will give a detailed look at everything you need to know about these cute little creatures, and how to hatch your own!

Firstly, what are Puffies? CryptoPuffies is an NFT collection of 8888 cute furry creatures exclusive to the Avalanche network.

They are cute loyal companions, but most of all: powerful! Each Puffy is unique and comes with its own personality, traits, and stats.

Click here to mint yours now.

Gaming Utility

Puffies will have in-game utility in multiple blockchain gaming ecosystems, including CryptoSeals, Avaxstars, and Penguin Finance (Emperor + Arena).

One of the first gaming use-cases for Puffies is the Penguin Emperor! You can use your Puffy as your in-game character and cast special abilities on other players. These abilities are unique and exclusive to each Puffy color, so collecting a Puffy of each color will give you an edge over other players trying to take over the kingdom.

Passive Income

Additionally, Puffies are brilliant passive income machines.

CryptoPuffies is one of the first NFT collections to form part of the Avalanche Rush incentive program. Users will be able to stake their Puffies in an Igloo to earn free AVAX rewards over time.

What’s an Igloo? An Igloo is a farm on Penguin Finance that receives additional rewards on top of standard DEX rewards. The Puffy Igloo is set to come out next week!


From an artistic standpoint, we’ve raised the bar of NFTs on Avalanche to what we believe is necessary for this ecosystem to grow. All traits are dependent on others, with hundreds of exceptions and millions of possible combinations. With over 60 different hats, 54 hats, 23 tails, 16 backgrounds, and 12 accessories, the possibilities are endless!

This collection has taken us many months to design, and for good reason. Most traits are also dynamic, meaning they change based on the color of your Puffy. If your Puffy’s hairstyle is “Bart” and color is purple, for example, the hairstyle will match the body color. Same for faces, hats, and tails. That’s over 8 TIMES the amount of possible traits, making each Puffy much more unique.

Hyped? Let’s take a look at how to mint them!

Minting a CryptoPuffy 101

Step 1: Go to the Website

The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to

After connecting your wallet, you’ll be able to see how many Golden Tickets you have right below the public sale countdown clock

A Golden Ticket is your pass to have access to the CryptoPuffies pre-sale. They were airdropped to Kassandra IDO participants and those who held 500+ iPEFI prior to the snapshot, as well as the winners of various giveaways and contests.

Each Golden Ticket is an ERC-20 token that entitles you to mint 1 CryptoPuffy at the discounted price of 1.75 AVAX during the pre-sale.

The whitelist sale for ticket holders will begin on 2/15 at 6:00 AM UTC and will stay open for 12 hours. At 6:00 PM UTC, the public sale will commence. This gives everyone enough time to acquire their Puffies, no matter their time zone!

Step 2: Get your AVAX ready!

Once the pre-sale is live, the button that says SOON will take you to the minting page.
Once at the minting page you need to have AVAX in your wallet in order to mint your CryptoPuffies.

Step 3: Click to mint

Each Puffy will cost 1.75 AVAX for pre-sale and 2 AVAX for the Public sale; You will be able to mint up to 10 Puffies per transaction

After selecting the amount of Puffies you’d like to mint, click “Puggle Puggle!” to start the process! Once your transaction is confirmed, you’ll be welcomed with a pop-up asking you to break your Puffy Egg.

Step 4: Tap that egg!

Voilá! It’s time to Click! Click! Click! Tap the egg a few times to birth your CryptoPuffies.

Step 5: Meet your new Puffies Collection

Poof! Your Puffy has been born. 🎉

You can mint more, or view all of your Puffies on the “My Puffies” page.

Additionally, the Puffies anthem is available to be played and enjoyed on the minting page. (We hear it gives you a better chance at a rare Puffy).

We hope you enjoy the experience! We have much to bring to this wonderful ecosystem.

View our roadmap here:

Avalanche is the blockchain of the future, and Puffies will be the network’s mascot.



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