Introducing Emperor Royale: The first PvP strategy game on Avalanche!

Featuring Avalanche Rush incentives and CryptoPuffies!

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6 min readApr 17, 2022

We’re tired of idle games. And we’re not buying camouflaged AMMs claiming to be “games” either.

Avalanche is hungry for more. It’s time for strategical, interactive, and entertaining GameFi.

At last, introducing the new Emperor Royale game! The first gamified, skill-based, PvP strategy game with Avalanche Rush incentives on the network.

Groundbreaking. Stylish. Play-to-win, Peng-to-earn.

With over a year of development, it’s built into the core of Avalanche’s evolution. In fact, Penguin’s Emperor was the first game to ever be deployed on the Avalanche network.

A year later, it has been completely remastered. This time around, there are power-ups, CryptoPuffies, a PEFI marketplace, and much more.

What’s the game about?

Emperor Royale consists of users bidding PEFI or iPEFI to steal the throne from other players in real-time. Every bid you make is returned to you once someone steals the crown/throne back from you, minus a fee that is sent to the jackpot.

When you sit on the throne, your Penguin starts accumulating time as Emperor. At the end of the competition, the players who have accumulated the most time on the throne get to share a hefty jackpot.

Curious about the specific mechanisms behind the game? Learn more here.

We’re dividing development into several expansions, each one introducing new mechanisms that increase the complexity of the game.

The first expansion will be deployed this week, so start prepping for what’s to come!

The Potionverse Expansion

The first expansion of the game. Launching Wednesday, April 20th!

We’ve completely overhauled the initial version of the Emperor. We’re introducing new powerups/potions, new skins, a revamped user interface, CryptoPuffies integration, and a new bidding system that prevents the game from becoming whale-oriented.


First, let us present the potion mechanisms that are coming in this first expansion!

At launch, we’ll be introducing 2 potions: ‘Bane Toxin’ and ‘Hail Storm’. These potions can be used during an Emperor round to affect other players’ ability to bid. Timing their use strategically allows users to gain an edge over others, and could be the difference between a loss and a huge jackpot win!

Here are their respective effects:

Bane Toxin: This potion gives off a strong smell of death. Upon use, the top player won’t be able to bid for 5 minutes. Max 5 uses per player.

Hail Storm: A frozen vial with magical powers. Use to freeze top 5 players for 2 minutes (cannot bid). Max 3 uses per player.

We’ll be closely monitoring the effects of every potion and listening to community feedback. Initially, there will be a constant buffing/nerfing process to ensure the game is balanced and abilities are viable. As the game grows in complexity, there will be multiple effective strategies to win, and this is where the mind games come into play!

To use these potions within the game, users will access a new in-game marketplace and purchase their preferred consumables. All purchases will be exclusively conducted in Penguin’s native token, PEFI, and all proceeds will be sent to the Nest, rewarding iPEFI token stakers with sweet gains.

In later iterations of the game, potions will be part of a free-market economy instead of being sold exclusively on PeFi’s Emperor marketplace. They’ll also be limited by Puffies’ ability to brew them, which is time-dependent. Every potion will be an NFT, a product of their Puffy being staked in “The Lab” for a certain period of time.

After the Bane Toxin and Hail Storm potions, users should expect the introduction of new potions every week for 6 weeks!

New Bidding System

You spoke, we listened. For the upcoming Emperor Royale rounds, we’ll be adding a max bid cap to prevent the bid from going over most people’s balance!

Different game modes will dictate the exact bid cap per game. From shrimps to whales, everyone will have their place on the throne.

AVAX Incentives for Bidding (Peng-to-earn)

Thanks to the Avalanche Rush incentive program, the following rounds will officially turn Emperor Royale into a play-to-earn game in addition to its play-to-win mechanic. Every time a player steals the crown (bids), there’s a random chance they discover AVAX rewards hidden in the throne!

Juicy AVAX incentives are going to bring this gaming experience to a whole new level.


With our new character customization interface, players can decide whether they want to battle with their Penguin or a Puffy! We’ve updated the design of all Penguin skins to match our new art style, and will allow Puffy holders to play with any CryptoPuffy on their collection!

Whether it's staked in the Igloo or unstaked, you’ll be able to select and display it to the world!

Feedback System

As you might’ve already known, we have just integrated the Feedback section to the PeFi website to collect constructive user feedback efficiently. During this first expansion, we will be rewarding unique comments and ideas for the game that improve its experience.

Upcoming Expansions

Wizards of Puffledor is the 2nd official expansion of Emperor Royale.

Puffies have A LOT to look forward to in this update.

We’ll be rolling out CryptoPuffy play-to-earn mechanisms based on a whole new potion brewing and level-up system. Potions will become fully free-market. Each colored Puffy will be able to brew unique potions.

Puffies earn new tokens in an Igloo, use those tokens in ‘The Lab’ to brew potions, and can decide whether to sell ability potions or consume level-up potions. PEFI value massively benefits from reflection and buy-back mechanisms, plus Nest revenue.

For the 3rd expansion… Well, that shall be unveiled at a later time. We’ll leave you with this

Closing thoughts

We’re excited for next week! The premiering of the Potionverse and the new Emperor Royale game will occur this Wednesday, April 20th, along with game mode-specific guidelines regarding the initial rounds.

Prepare for mayhem! Puffies and Penguins will battle to the death in a bloody battleground full of action and AVAX rewards.

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