Introducing the Penguin Emperor Blitz 👑🐧

Fast-Paced King-of-the-Hill gaming on the Avalanche Network

Penguin Finance
4 min readJul 6, 2021


What is the Emperor Blitz?

The Emperor Blitz is a fast-paced, personalized, king of the hill betting game-mode hosted inside of our Emperor Penguin dApp. To participate, you’ll need to acquire xPEFI for your bids and some AVAX for transaction fees. It will last 24 hours, have considerably lower max bids, and come with added features that make the game more entertaining.

The Emperor Blitz starts on July 6th at 7PM UTC and ends on July 7th at 7PM UTC. You’ll be able to play here once it starts.

For this round, we’re drastically reducing the max bid. It will be set to 0.15 xPEFI and the bid will increase by this amount every time the Crown changes hands. Since it is a fast-paced game-mode, we expect constant crown swapping to occur through the entirety of the game.

New Styles to Customize your Penguin 🐧

With the introduction of our new game mode, we’re also rolling out 7 new styles that can be changed at any time! Our Suit, Senpai, Chef, Scarf, Sombrero, Sasquatch, and Lydian styles give you plenty of extra options to stand out from the crowd.

Our Sasquatch and Lydian penguins symbolize our partnership with Snowball Finance and Lydia Finance respectively; both are awesome projects you should check out if you haven’t already.

Additionally, we have added a new drop-down menu that allows Penguins to visually check which character they’re choosing before switching their style. Also, you can now pick any color you’d like for your Penguin rather than a limited list of colors! Input the name of your color or your specific hex code of choice. E.g, if you wanted a white penguin, just type “#FFFFFF” or “white” into the box.

Poison the Emperor (New) ☠️

If you’ve participated in the previous rounds of the Penguin Emperor, you will notice a new “Steal & Poison” button below the regular “Steal Crown” function. This feature allows you to poison the current Emperor and prevent them from being on the throne for 5 minutes.

After the poison wears off, that Penguin will be immune for 25 minutes. They can be poisoned once again after the cooldown.

This is a powerful feature, but use it wisely. By poisoning another Penguin and stealing the crown, you’ll of course pay the normal bid, which is refundable (minus the 4% fee). On top of that, you’ll have to pay for the poison which costs: 10% of the Current Emperor Bid + 1xPEFI (nonrefundable).

Jackpot Distribution🏆

Once the 24 hours are over, the Penguin who held the throne for the longest time will be crowned as Emperor of all Penguins! This can be tracked on the leaderboard on the left-hand side of the UI.

When you are crowned as the Emperor Penguin, your bet of xPEFI is sent back to the Nest, and you are now able to claim your xPEFI gains through the claim functionality present on the chest! The Top 3 penguins on the leaderboard will claim part of the jackpot with the following distribution:

🥇 1st Place (Penguin Emperor): 50% of the Jackpot

🥈 2nd Place (Penguin King): 30% of the Jackpot

🥉 3rd Place (Penguin Prince): 10% of the Jackpot

🏅 4th Place (Penguin Duke): 6% of the Jackpot

🏅 5th Place (Penguin Knight): 4% of the Jackpot

Emperor Blitz Tokenomics 💰

This dApp uses xPEFI as the betting mechanism and rewards the winners with xPEFI. The jackpot pool is generated from the majority of the fees (75%) collected from the game, while the remaining portion (25%) is sent to the Nest and increases the value of xPEFI!

When a Penguin loses their place on the throne by getting outbid, 1% of their bet is distributed to the Nest, and 3% is added to the jackpot pool! This means that even if you lose your place on the throne, you will receive 96% of your initial xPEFI bid back, and 1% of rewards are indirectly distributed back to you since you’re staking in the Nest! This creates a positive feedback loop for Nest users and rewards them with the fees from an entertaining and exclusive dApp.

You will not incur PPL (Paper Hands Penalty) by playing this game and sending over your xPEFI! Play and claim your rightful place as the Penguin Emperor. Short term and long term riches await.



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