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Penguin Finance
3 min readNov 10, 2021


We’re proud of what’s gone down in the past few weeks.

Avalanche is the future of blockchain technology. And the world is just starting to take notice. But you’re about to witness the unprecedented.

That’s why you’ve been buying the dip. Nesting your coins. Preparing for the show.

If you haven’t already gotten some PEFI, this will make you change your mind.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t copy-paste code to make a quick buck.

No, what we create gets forked. PeFi doesn’t promise groundbreaking smart contracts. We already have them.

You were used to single reward pools. You probably even thought that 2 rewards from a single pool were very cool. Then Penguin Finance came along and released Igloos V2, with the world’s first PENTA reward yield farm.

We recognized Avalanche’s need for a launchpad platform and we built the Penguin Launchpad. Avalanche’s first and fairest IDO platform.

We’re building the Penguin Arena. To fill the gap in gambling/gaming platforms.

Innovating pays off, that’s what made us PEFI. Successful. The ultimate investment in Avalanche’s success.

Penguin Rush

Our friends at Avalanche have recognized our hard work, and have given us a whopping $2,500,000 dollars in incentives to distribute to the Penguin community.

When is it going down? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know it is happening in the next 2 weeks!

Yes! Believe it or not, you’ll enjoy quadra and even PENTA rewards on your already incredible Igloos. All through the power of PeFi’s first-of-its-kind layer-2 yield farming contracts.

To reap the benefits, you must stake in one of the select incentivized Igloos (there will be many options). Our special CryptoPuffy Igloo and Collectibles Igloo will also get additional AVAX incentives on top of PEFI rewards.

If you’ve already staked LP in the V2 Igloos, you will not have to migrate your liquidity to receive AVAX rewards. We’ll release more information about the Penguin Rush prior to release.

Launchpad Overhaul

We were the first launchpad on Avalanche, and so far have introduced Sherpa Cash (31x Return) and BooFinance (15x return). Both are working on improving the ecosystem with innovative approaches.

We’re looking to take it up a notch. We’re bringing it back, and you’ll soon experience a complete rebirth of our Launchpad platform.

You’ll get higher allocations. Larger payouts. More flexibility. A brand new, UI redesign. No KYC. All through a brand-new, unique, rework.

Emperor 2.0

PEFI’s Penguin Emperor game is already the first of its kind and only king of the hill game on Avalanche, but many of you haven’t gotten to experience it.

We’ve been developing it in these last few weeks, and have some great new features to share with you. A few of the most important are:

  • AVAX incentives: As part of the Penguin Rush, we’ll be sweetening the jackpot with AVAX. Directly from our Avalanche Rush incentives. 10% of all incentives are going to the Emperor game.
  • Consistency. No more waiting around asking “wen emperor?”. Expect games on a weekly basis at a minimum, likely several times per week.
  • Play to earn. Yes, you read that right. Penguin Emperor 2.0 will have mechanics to reward you just for bidding. Random giveaways of PEFI tokens, and exclusive NFTs.

We don’t want to spoil all the surprises, expect even more news to come.


  • The Penguin Rush is getting $2,500,000 in AVAX incentives.
  • The Launchpad is getting an overhaul; fairer distributions, larger allocations, and a brand-new UI.
  • Penguin Emperor is being reworked; AVAX rewards, constant gaming, and play-to-earn mechanisms.

This month is full of surprises. Get ready for a new beginning on Penguin Finance.

About Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance is a platform powered by Avalanche, building an innovative set of decentralized applications, financial products, and documentation for technologically savvy individuals and those with absolutely no knowledge of cryptocurrency.

We’re bridging the gap between DeFi and mass adoption by offering ultra-low fees, an intuitive UX design, and the best documentation/tutorials. PeFi is made for penguins by penguins.

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Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance (PeFi) is an exciting new yield farming project on $AVAX.