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3 min readJan 13, 2022


This Tuesday, January 18th, will be very exciting for Penguins, as the registration phase for the Kassandra IDO goes live on the Penguin Launchpad.

Whether you’re a new user or an OG Penguin, here are some guidelines to help you successfully participate in the Kassandra event.

How can you participate in the Penguin Launchpad?

The amount of KACY you’ll be able to purchase will depend on the amount of iPEFI you hold. If you don’t have any PEFI yet, you can buy it through the most popular Avalanche DEXs: Pangolin and Trader Joe. Once you’ve acquired PEFI, follow this guide to learn how to stake it into the Nest to receive iPEFI.

Introducing the Penguin Launchpad Tiers (Exclusive to KACY Distribution):

Tier I: Poseidon (500 iPEFI minimum)

This is the minimum amount of iPEFI you must have to acquire KACY tokens through the Penguin Launchpad. We’ve increased it in relation to the previous event given market conditions.

Any wallet with at least 500 iPEFI tokens will receive:

  • 1 x Guaranteed allocation for every 500 iPEFI tokens.

Tier II: Hades (10,000 iPEFI or more)

Any wallet with at least 10,000 iPEFI tokens will receive:

  • 1 x Guaranteed allocation for every 500 iPEFI tokens.
  • 2.5% bonus on all allocation points.

Tier III: Zeus (100,000 iPEFI or more)

Any wallet with at least 100,000 iPEFI tokens will receive:

  • 1 x Guaranteed allocation for every 500 iPEFI tokens
  • 5% bonus on all allocation points.
  • 1 x Legendary Zeus Penguin Collectible

Additionally, we’ll be airdropping a limited-edition Kassandra Penguin Collectible to every participant of this IDO.

Introducing a Bonus Tier for the most committed Penguins: Kronos

Tier X: Kronos (Top 3)

Compete for the title of Kronos by becoming one of the top 3 iPEFI participants in the IDO event. There’s no set minimum to the Kronos tier, you’ll need to compete with other users for a spot.

Penguins in the Kronos tier will receive:

  • All of the benefits of Zeus
  • 1 x Mythical Kronos Penguin Collectible
  • A special Kronos skin on the Penguin Emperor
  • Bragging rights

What is an allocation?

An allocation represents a share of all KACY tokens to be distributed. The number of KACY tokens you can acquire will depend on the number of allocation points (AP) you have. This data is displayed in the “Allocations & Tier” section of the project launchpad page.

How can I acquire the KACY tokens for my entitled share?

You’ll be able to exchange stablecoins (USDC.e) to get KACY tokens for $0.7.

How will the Launchpad event work?

On January 18th at 20:00 UTC, the registration will start and users with over 500 iPEFI will be able to opt-in for the Kassandra IDO. There’s a 3-day window to register. After this time has passed (January 21st 23:59 UTC), new users won’t be able to register.

On January 22nd 18:00 UTC, the distribution phase for KACY will begin. It’ll consist of users exchanging stablecoins for KACY tokens. You’ll have 4 days to buy your tokens, and once the event (January 25th) is over, we’ll get ready for the next IDO!

Disclaimer: You should do your due diligence before engaging in any decision. IDOs can be a risky endeavor given the considerable volatility swings that tokens have in their infancy.

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