Penguin Rush Phase 3: Upcoming Turbo Igloo Strategy

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3 min readFeb 17, 2022


Penguin Rush has consistently rewarded Avalanche farmers with yields that are up to 10X as profitable as their DEX farm counterparts. Since Igloos provide rewards on top of DEX rewards, we ensure that you don’t miss out on the initial yield, and instead earn on top of it! This is the magic behind layer 2 yield farming.

With the beginning of Penguin Rush Phase 3, these yields have become even more remarkable.

Phase 3 Turbo Igloos are yield farms that receive massive bursts of AVAX rewards for short periods of time. Each incentivized farm receives “Turbo Mode” status for 3 to 4 days at a time, and boasts APRs of up to 10,000%. You will also notice most of these farms reward users with 5 different tokens simultaneously.

This article will lay out our current Phase 3 game plan, detailing which farms will receive additional incentives and when.

PEFI-AVAX: Perpetual Turbo Mode

As part of Penguin Rush Phase 3, we will continue to provide consistently high emissions to PEFI-AVAX.

Starting this Monday, February 21st, we’ll begin rewarding our Pangolin pool with AVAX rewards as well. We’re DEX agnostic, and support the growth and competition of TJ and PNG. At the end of the day, us farmers and traders benefit the most.

Quadra Rewards (4): PEFI, iPEFI, JOE/PNG, and AVAX simultaneously.

QI-AVAX (Pangolin)

Started: Thursday, February 3rd
Ends: Sunday, February 20th

QI-AVAX has been a Penguin favorite for a while now, and we’ve extended it to last longer than we initially anticipated after listening to your feedback. It’ll be ending this Sunday, February 20th as we shift rewards to other trending farms on Avalanche.

PENTA Rewards (5): PEFI, iPEFI, JOE, QI, and AVAX.

AVAX-sAVAX (Trader Joe) (Extended)

Starts: Monday, February 21st
Ends: Thursday, March 3rd

The hottest farm on Avalanche right now is receiving additional AVAX incentives! This igloo is basically a single-sided LP farm receiving JOE and bonus QI rewards.

PENTA Rewards (5): PEFI, iPEFI, JOE, QI, and AVAX.

CryptoPuffy Igloo (Extended)

Starts: Thursday, February 24th
Ends: To be Announced

CryptoPuffies are getting their own, extended turbo Igloo! Stake as many Puffy NFTs as you want and earn insane yields on these cute furry creatures.

By staking your Puffies’ best friend, you’ll triple the yield of both Puffies. Start trading to find your Puffies’ lost friend, as having your pair brings great benefits to both of you.

The Turbo Phase for this Igloo will be live for an entire week as opposed to three days. After the Turbo phase is over, it will continue to receive AVAX rewards in a controlled fashion.

UST-USDC (Pangolin)

Starts: Thursday, February 24th
Ends: Friday, March 4th

UST-USDC has been a fan favorite for many over at Pangolin. Thanks to boosted LUNA rewards, yields on this farm are insane. Now add AVAX incentives on top of it, and you got yourself a true money printer.

PENTA Rewards (5): PEFI, iPEFI, PNG, LUNA, and AVAX.

PTP-AVAX (Trader Joe)

Starts: Tuesday, March 1st
Ends: Friday, March 4th

Another banger! Platypus has become a staple on Avalanche. We plan to introduce PTP-AVAX to our platform soon and boost it with AVAX incentives!

PENTA Rewards (5): PEFI, iPEFI, JOE, PTP, and AVAX.

Closing Thoughts

We’re working on adding more farms in the future! For now, these Igloos have been selected after assessing their volume, liquidity, community interest, and performance.

Stay tuned Penguins and happy farming! We hope you make the most out of Phase 3. It’s free money.

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