Penguins Without Borders: Charity Event is LIVE!

Hosted using our Penguin Emperor contract, this event will help raise money for India’s COVID Crypto Relief Fund.

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5 min readMay 7, 2021


Introducing the first Interactive, Real-Time Fund-Raising Event on the Blockchain.

In light of the terrible situation in India as a result of COVID-19, we have decided to develop a charity event to help bring our penguins together for a great cause. 100% of the proceeds of this event will be sent to Sandeep’s (Polygon Cofounder) address for India’s Covid Crypto Relief Fund.

At Penguin Finance, we not only care about the blockchain but also what is happening around the world. It has always been very clear to our investors that we are working towards something beyond crypto, the Penguin Vision. Decentralization is amazing, but we must not forget that without our planet, and its inhabitants, it would not be possible.

The charity event we’re introducing will be hosted on our Penguin Emperor dApp, as a special round in which there are no winners or losers, only charitable individuals coming together and raising funds for what’s important. We came up with this idea as a means to incentivize more users to donate, while providing visual elements that will entertain our Penguins and hopefully raise more awareness.

By doing fundraising the Penguin way, we’re innovating and improving the way money is raised. Adding in visual elements and making the contracts interactable and more personal makes the user feel at home and hopefully more generous towards the cause!

Not only are we releasing this innovative and brand-new way of fund-raising, but we’re also giving away NFTs as a token of appreciation for donating! These NFTs will not be sold for profit, they will be given away as a reward for donating towards India’s Covid Crypto Relief Fund!

There are two currencies you can donate with, and two NFTs you can get for doing so. We will now go into how you can participate and which NFTs are we talking about.

How can you participate?

To participate, head over to our website’s Emperor page and start by registering your Penguin (menu on the right hand side). You can choose any of the following styles:

For Color, choose between the following options:

Black, blue, green orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise, white and yellow.

For Style, use any of the following ones:

Now, all you have to do is register your penguin, customize it to what you’d like, and donate AVAX or PEFI to the contract. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

In order to avoid bots, the donation threshold is 0.025 AVAX and 0.25 PEFI.

100% of the proceeds of this event will be directed to Sandeep Nailwal’s (Polygon Co-founder) address for COVID-19 Relief.

NFT Rewards

As a means to incentivize donations and raise as much as possible for the cause, we’re also airdropping NFTs at certain donation thresholds that come with added value and look amazing.

Nurse Penguin NFTs will be given away to all Penguins that donate either: 5 AVAX or more | 115 PEFI or more.

Doctor Penguin NFTs will be given away to all Penguins that donate either: 100 AVAX or more | 2300 PEFI or more.

Nurse Penguin NFT is shown on the left, and the Doctor Penguin NFT is displayed on the right.

To receive an NFT, you’ll have to donate an aggregate amount of the corresponding thresholds and it doesn’t have to be in a single transaction. The donation must meet the threshold for EITHER of the two tokens. For example, a donation of 2.5 AVAX and 60 PEFI wouldn’t meet either threshold.

NFT Functionality

In Penguin Finance, we believe in innovation. The NFTs we’re planning on giving away won’t just be limited edition collectibles, they’ll come with added functionality!

Once Penguins without Borders goes live, new customizable styles for our users will be displayed on the website, such as a penguin nurse, a doctor, a penguin with a vaccine, etc. By holding these NFTs, you’ll have access to the corresponding styles after the event, so you can use these limited-edition penguins in the next rounds of the Penguin Emperor and other upcoming Penguin dApps!

Penguin Nurse on the left and Doctor Penguin on the right.

These NFT styles will never be minted again, and you will hold a piece of history of the first blockchain charity event held within DeFi in this fashion.

We plan on minting the NFTs 3–5 weeks after the event is over, and we’ll be taking a snapshot to make sure all penguins that contributed the necessary amounts are airdropped their corresponding NFT!

Special Burning Mechanism

With Penguins Without Borders, you can donate in either AVAX or in PEFI.

For every transaction done in PEFI, we will burn an equivalent to 1/4th of your donation from the Airdrop allocation! This will incentivize more donations, since you’re directly influencing the supply of PEFI. By burning this airdrop, we also increase the value of PEFI and therefore increase the amount that will reach our Penguins in India!


By providing a way for our penguins to participate in the charity fund, we give our users an outlet to contribute to an important good. Let’s stick with each other in these difficult times, and we’d really appreciate if you could participate in the event.



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