The Penguin Emperor: The first interactive, animated, and personalized King of the Hill dApp 👑🐧

Penguin Finance
4 min readApr 29, 2021


Penguin Finance brings you the best King of the Hill app for you to interact with! Because it’s built on the Avalanche Network, it’s extremely low-fee, scalable, and fast.

The Penguin Emperor 👑

The Penguin Emperor is the strongest Penguin of them all. His might and his wealth have no equal as he sits on his infamous throne. But how is the Penguin Emperor chosen? He who bids the most xPEFI can dethrone the previous Emperor and take the crown for themselves. Be careful as this Crown won’t sit above your head forever, there’s hundreds of Penguins looking to steal it for themselves.

The Penguin Emperor is a king of the hill style betting dApp where users can show their might by placing themselves on the throne for all other penguins to see. By choosing their name and giving a color and style to their penguin, every user has the possibility to demonstrate his ability and uniqueness in this game of wits. When you sit on the throne, your Penguin starts accumulating time as Emperor. At the end of the competition, whoever has sat on the Throne for the longest amount of time will be victorious!

To ensure that all of our penguins have a chance to play and it’s not a game of whales, the minimum bid for the first round will be 1 xPEFI and the maximum bid will be 10 xPEFI.

Amazing riches are guaranteed for the Emperor, both short term xPEFI rewards and unannounced long term ones…

Customizing your penguin 🐧

When a Penguin wants to try to win at the Penguin Emperor contest, he must first choose a unique nickname, color, and customize their style! Your style and color can be changed later, but choose your name wisely, as it will be your name throughout the entire contest!

The styles for each value are found above, and more styles will be added for the 2nd round of the Penguin Emperor! These include a penguin chef, a suited penguin, a penguin with hair, and more! In the future, we’ll add more accessories depending on what our community wants.

For your penguin color, you can choose between 10 colors. These are: Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Pink, Blue, Orange, Turquoise, and Black!

Getting xPEFI 🥚

Once your nickname and color are selected, you need to make sure you have staked PEFI in the nest and now have xPEFI. This is because the Penguin Emperor dApp has users place bets using xPEFI. Later in this article, we will look at why this is beneficial to our Penguin investors. Once you have confirmed that you are now the proud owner of some xPEFI, you are ready to place your first bet! Simply select the amount you want to bid making sure that it is above the current bid and is not above the max bid amount! This is done so that everyone can take part in the game no matter how much xPEFI you own!

You can find more information about xPEFI here.

The Emperor Jackpot! 🏆

Once the 96hours are over, the Penguin who held the throne for the longest time will be crowned as Emperor of all Penguins! This can be tracked on the leaderboard on the left-hand side of the UI.

When you are crowned as the Emperor of all Penguins, your bet of xPEFI is sent back to the nest, and you are now able to claim your xPEFI gains through the claim functionality present on the chest! The Top 3 penguins on the leaderboard will claim part of the jackpot with the following distribution:

🥇 1st Place (Penguin Emperor): 60% of the Jackpot

🥈 2nd Place (Penguin King): 30% of the Jackpot

🥉 3rd Place (Penguin Prince): 10% of the Jackpot

Tokenomics of the Penguin Emperor dApp 💰

This dApp uses xPEFI as the betting mechanism and rewards the Penguin Emperor with xPEFI. The jackpot pool is generated from a part of the fee (66%) collected from people playing, while another portion of the fees (33%) is sent to the nests as a reward for all the penguins staking in the nests! When a Penguin loses his place on the throne by getting outbid, 1% of his bet is distributed to the nests, and 2% is added to the jackpot pool! This means that even if you lose your place on the throne, you will get 97% of your xPEFI back, with 1% of rewards being distributed to the users of the nest, including yourself! This creates a positive loop for nest users and rewards them by providing them with a dApp to collect fees from, as they are our most committed supporters.

You will not incur Paper hands penalty by playing this game and sending over your xPEFI! So play and claim your rightful place as the Penguin Emperor. Short term as well as long term riches await you.



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