The Penguin Emperor: The first interactive, animated, and personalized King of the Hill dApp 👑🐧

The Penguin Emperor 👑

Customizing your penguin 🐧

Getting xPEFI 🥚

The Emperor Jackpot! 🏆

Once the 96hours are over, the Penguin who held the throne for the longest time will be crowned as Emperor of all Penguins! This can be tracked on the leaderboard on the left-hand side of the UI.

Tokenomics of the Penguin Emperor dApp 💰

This dApp uses xPEFI as the betting mechanism and rewards the Penguin Emperor with xPEFI. The jackpot pool is generated from a part of the fee (66%) collected from people playing, while another portion of the fees (33%) is sent to the nests as a reward for all the penguins staking in the nests! When a Penguin loses his place on the throne by getting outbid, 1% of his bet is distributed to the nests, and 2% is added to the jackpot pool! This means that even if you lose your place on the throne, you will get 97% of your xPEFI back, with 1% of rewards being distributed to the users of the nest, including yourself! This creates a positive loop for nest users and rewards them by providing them with a dApp to collect fees from, as they are our most committed supporters.



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