Trader Joe JOE-USDT and JOE-USDC Deposits are Live! (Igloos V2)

Users can now start depositing Trader Joe JOE-USDT.e & JOE-USDC.e LP on Penguin Igloos to earn additional rewards immediately when yield for the pool goes live.

At approximately 22:00 UTC on October 16, Penguins that deposit Trader Joe JOE-USDT.e LP or JOE-USDC.e LP on the Penguin Igloo yield-aggregator will begin to earn JOE + PEFI + iPEFI yield. To obtain Trader Joe LP tokens for the respective pools, you can create JOE-USDT LP and create JOE-USDC LP on Trader Joe.

On the Penguin Igloos V2 yield aggregator, APRs will exceed the original farm thanks to multiple rewards and PEFI emissions. Make sure to upgrade, as Igloos > Farms!

About Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance is a platform powered by Avalanche, building an innovative set of decentralized applications, financial products, and documentation for technologically savvy individuals and those with absolutely no knowledge of cryptocurrency.

We’re bridging the gap between DeFi and mass adoption by offering ultra-low fees, an intuitive UX design, and the best documentation/tutorials. PeFi is made for penguins by penguins.

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Penguin Finance (PeFi) is an exciting new yield farming project on $AVAX.